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The Sports Center
Physical Therapy Facility

is located within the Falmouth Sports Center on 33 Highfield Drive in Falmouth. In addition to our clinic the Sports Center also contains 6 tennis courts, locker rooms, a heath club, and a wellness room for various fitness classes.

Our Clinic is divided into a reception area/office, and a larger treatment area. We have 3 private treatment rooms, an open area for therapeutic exercises, and all modalities prescribed by physicians including ultrasound, electric stimulation, cold laser, and mechanical traction. Many of our patients utilize the health club for a portion of their therapeutic exercise program. Familiarity with fitness equipment can lead to an easy transition from physical therapy to a wellness program.

Aquatic Therapy is conducted off site at nearby Shoreway Acres Resort on Shore Street in Downtown Falmouth. Their indoor pool has both shallow and deep water to conduct various aquatic exercises.