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Physical Therapy
Patients are typically referred to physical therapy for a variety of conditions by their primary care physician or orthopedic surgeon. Not all insurance plans require a doctors referral. Once here, Patients receive an initial evaluation by a physical therapist. During that same visit, future treatment is planned and home exercises may be prescribed.

Sports Therapy
Athletes of any age can receive Sports Therapy. Exercises are modified to simulate the functional aspects of a particular sport. Evaluation of footwear, bracing, and functional movement is an important aspect of Sports Therapy. We often utilize the space and equipment in the health club to determine an athletes readiness to return to sports.

Aquatic Therapy
Many patients can benefit from receiving some of their treatment in the water. The properties of buoyancy, light resistance, and decreased impact can assist patients who are having difficulty bearing weight, or performing their exercises in the clinic. We utilize both shallow and deep water to design an exercise program specific for each patient in the pool.

Massage Therapy
Patients and non-patients that require massage can see Robin Burns, LMT at our facility. Robin has a private room within our clinic dedicated for massage. Visit our links page to contact Robin and read about her services.